I rushed a friend to ER for an allergic reaction – people are saying she's attention-seeking after her odd confession | The Sun

WE'VE all had awkward encounters with friends of friends, or people we've just met.

An Instagram user has shared the crazy behavior of a casual acquaintance at her party, which resulted in a trip to the ER.

Instagram user Elyse Meyers took to the platform to share a crazy experience she had with a friend of a friend that ended in the emergency room.

Elyse decided to celebrate her new apartment by hosting a sleepover with her friends, and making homemade ice cream.

"Across the room, I can hear my friend’s friend going into great detail about how she just went to a family function [where she] ate an entire pan of brownies that had walnuts in them," Elyse said.

The Instagrammer continued: "She’s allergic to walnuts. She passed out, woke up in the hospital and it was the worst day of her life."

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"She’s saying this as she is scarfing down my chocolate walnut ice cream. I run across the room, smack it out of her hand, onto the floor and I’m like 'there’s walnuts in those,'" Elyse explained

The influencer detailed how Rebecca, the woman who had eaten the ice cream, seemed unfazed by the revelation.

When Rebecca told the party host that she not have an EpiPen, Elyse decided to drive her to the closest emergency room.

"I run in, I chat real quick to the front desk lady. She runs to the back, gets a nurse who comes in, grabs my friend’s friend and takes her back," the Instagram user told her followers.

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She recalled thinking "finally people around me are reacting with the proportional amount of urgency."

Elyse explained how she and her friend had been waiting at the hospital for an hour, alongside Rebecca's father, when a nurse finally handed the patient over to them.

"No explanation. I’m not a doctor but 60 minutes doesn’t feel like enough time to save someone’s life from a deathly walnut allergy," the Instagrammer said.

She continued: "Rebecca can see the confusion on my face and she goes 'You know what? It’s so funny, I’m actually not allergic to walnuts. It was just a bad dream. Isn’t that funny?'"

Elyse concluded her roller-coaster story by informing her followers "that's the last time I ever extended an invite to a friend's friend."

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