I tried out tooth paint to whiten my gnashers but the results were hysterical – I turned into a human torch | The Sun

HE'D been hoping for an entirely new look – or at least a laugh – when he tried out tooth paint for the first time.

And Ross Gilmour certainly got the latter, as he showed in a video on his TikTok page.

Ross began his video by revealing the "special effects tooth paint" he'd picked up in white.

"I found this and thought why not, it will be a laugh," he wrote over the clip.

Showing off his natural teeth he added: "This is going to be great.

"Goodbye old teeth."

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He was then seen rubbing his teeth with some tissue, as the instructions said to keep them dry to make the paint application successful.

Ross began applying the paint – which looked remarkably like a bottle of Tipp-Ex correcting fluid – before breaking into laughter as he saw what it looked like on his front two teeth.

"This is not going to plan," he giggled.

The video concluded with Ross showing off his "new gnashers", which appeared bright white but also uneven and clearly fake.

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"Perfect pearly whites," he joked.

"what have I done!!" Ross captioned his video.

People quickly took to the comments section to weigh in on Ross' "transformation".

"My Belly hurts now," one wrote.

With another adding: "I love how you found it hilarious but kept going on."

"How long did it last before coming off?" someone else asked.

With Ross replying: "I brushed it off pretty quickly before it properly dried in as it was pure disgusting.

"Felt and tasted like I'd just brushed them with gloss paint."

"Can you see it when the lights are off? #rossgeller #friends," another questioned.

With Ross answering: "I'd have been like a walking torch if I hadn't quickly scrubbed it off afterwards."

"Omg I remember using one of these in school and all of us standing in the bathroom applying it," someone else commented.

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"The taste was horrific & the look!"

"Yeah, well they haven't improved the recipe because it's still s**t and tastes like paint," Ross hilariously replied.

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