I work at Greggs – customers always moan about the same annoying things & no your steak bake won’t always be piping hot

Working in Greggs sounds like a dream, being surrounded by unlimited sausage rolls and fresh cookies.

But one woman who works there, says there are some very annoying downsides to the jobs, and as with most retail jobs, it's the customers.

Ellie Thomas, a university student who works at Greggs, revealed the annoying situations she faces while working behind the counter.

She shared her experience in a TikTok video that has since gone viral with over 50k views.

"Will forever love Greggs though." She wrote.

As well as customers giving her literal handfuls of pennies to pay for their pastry needs, she also has to put up with constant queues of people that stretch on for 'miles.'


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Ellie said that one typical customer is a construction worker, and she can guess their order before they even speak, and it's always a long one.

She wrote over a picture of construction workers: "Hiya luv, can we order ten sausage and bacon baguettes and ten cappuccinos."

Another annoying situation Ellie often finds herself in is customers complaining about the price of items and then continuing to order a huge amount of food.

Not only does she deal with huge orders, but she often gets customers complaining about the hugely popular Steak Bake not being warm.

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For those wondering why Greggs refuses to heat up a Steak Bake, Ellie said in the comment: "it would also be a health hazard to reheat meat!"

She said customers are always complaining that there aren't more staff members on shift.

And for Ellie, some downsides to the job, away from customers, are that you are constantly burning yourself on baking trays and that the uniform is super uncomfortable to wear.

Following her video, people took to the comments to weigh in on her confessions.

"When they ask you to just warm the bake up for them." Wrote another Greggs employee in response to customers complaining about cold Steak Bakes.

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Another said: "I still have the burns from trays 2 years later!"

Although there were some downsides to her job, Ellie said it was a great part-time role to have while she was studying.

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