I work out in full glam make-up & velour bras – trolls say it looks like I've come from a party, but I don't care | The Sun

WHEN working out, you should wear whatever makes you feel your best – whether that's a baggy T-shirt or tiny shorts.

But one fitness enthusiast has claimed she has the best sessions when sporting full glam make-up and sexy velour tracksuit sets.

The gym bunny, Rosa Esparza (@rosafit) regularly shares workout videos on TikTok, where she has over 26,000 followers.

But rather than her enviable figure and the dedicate fitness routine, it's more her gym gear that's got people talking.

Her fans will know that Rosa is not afraid of going all out – even if it means rocking evening make-up looks, a salon-worthy blow-out and low-cut bras made of shiny velour.

This, she explained, is the secret formula for the best sessions.

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''Cute gym fits, full glam, train till failure= bomb a** workouts,'' the stunner claimed.

But although her cute outfits and impressive figure have certainly amassed her more than one hopeful would-be Romeo, the woman has also found quite a few trolls.

In their opinion, Rosa's outfits are simply too much, with some saying they're not gym-appropriate at all and would suit other occasions better.

''girl came from a party,'' chuckled one viewer, with over 160 other people agreeing.

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Another chuckled: ''When you have the gym at 6 but the club at 7.''

Many people have also accused the gym fanatic of wearing next to nothing simply to get more attention – however, this, she insisted, is not the case.

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''I WEAR it for me, myself, and I,'' Rose hit back at the meanies.

Speaking of gyms, one woman's session was recently cut short after fellow members had allegedly complained about her 'inappropriate' outfit.

Still in disbelief, Kerry Rose Shwartz (@comfywith_kerry), believed to be from the US, took to TikTok to explain the unpleasant situation in more detail to her 127k followers.

''Something really disappointing happened…

''They actually said something to me that made me feel so uncomfortable that I never want to go back there again,'' the fitness fan said in her video.

The incident, which took place in an all-women's gym, started by the owner of the place approaching Kerry for a ''quick chat''.

''I could sense that something was wrong because the conversation got uncomfortable really quickly.''

The issue, he then revealed, was her dress code – a sports bra and gym leggings which scrunch detailing on the bum.

Explaining the problem, the man said a few women were left feeling ''uncomfortable'' by the bottoms Kerry was wearing that day.

''My initial reaction is confusion and shock… and then it was more like embarrassment.

''I almost felt shame – even though I shouldn't.''

She added that fellow members of the gym had described the leggings as ''distracting'' and ''offensive'' .

''Why am I being shamed by this? Especially for a women's gym…''

Upon seeing the bottoms, social media users flocked to comments and quickly realised why so many women had deemed them as ''inappropriate'' – they were simply jealous of her stunning curves.

One supportive viewer commented: ''You look great. Ladies are jelly!''

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Another agreed, adding: ''Those women are jealous and no those pants do not offend me. I think u look great.''

''Gym owner here. Nothing wrong with what you’re wearing. Only thing that’s wrong is their insecurities,'' is what another fitness fanatic penned.

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