I’m a baby name expert & these are the six things ALL parents should check before settling on a name

WHEN it comes to making decisions about your children, choosing their names is one of the most important you'll ever be tasked with.

And with millions of potential moniker choices, it can be tough to narrow down which name you want to choose for your little one.

But BabyCentre's naming expert Lorna Marsh has come up with a tried-and-tested method of narrowing the choices down – with six things she advises doing before making your final decision.

First up, Lorna advises considering the name's popularity.

While some people look to trends for name ideas, Lorna doesn't advise using a "passing fad" as a basis for your choice.

And while others reject some names because they're too popular among other children, Lorna says that having a "common" name can sometimes be an advantage – such as the child being "less likely to come up against misspellings and mispronunciations".

"It’s about finding the right balance for you," she adds. "Parents often like to look at classics that may not be hugely popular at the time, so are unusual in their own way, but have longevity."

Next, Lorna suggests considering how the name will sound over time.

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"While a super cutesy name like Bunny will suit your boy while he’s still in baby grows, it may not have the same appeal when he’s a 40-something lawyer," she smiles.

She also advises sounding out the name in full – first name, middle name and surname – before committing.

"Watch out for any potential pitfalls in how the names look too," she adds. "Initials can present problems.

"Phoebe Ophelia Osborne may sound like a beautiful girl’s name but the initials don’t have quite the same ring."

You should also think about potential nicknames your child will be given – either ones that rhyme with their moniker or ones that result from a shortened version of the name.

In addition, Lorna advises singing Happy Birthday and inserting the potential name to see how it sounds.

The sixth thing you should do before choosing a name for your child is to carefully consider the spelling.

"Spelling variations of names are becoming more common," Lorna says.

"Just look at how Jaxon is now more popular among UK parents than Jackson for boys.

"Just make sure though that you don’t give your child a name with a spelling that’s so unusual that going through the phonetic alphabet during every other phone call becomes a lifelong burden.

"Also, consider if the most obvious pronunciation is going to be the wrong one."

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