I’m a bartender – the drink you order at the bar says a lot about your personality

WHAT does your favorite alcoholic beverage say about you?

Taylor Brown is a bartender in Old Town Scottsdale with over five years of bartending experience.

With over 40K followers on her TikTok, she shares recipes for alcoholic beverages, as well as hangover tips and stories from her life as a bartender.

Using her experience in the industry, Brown spoke exclusively with The Sun to share what she believes a customer's drink order reveals about them.


If your drink of choice is a dirty martini, Brown said that "you've probably had a rough day at work and you're going to be very picky about how you like your martini.

"You're older in age and most likely work a boring desk job, so a martini is your version of 'getting wild.'"


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She said you'll probably have this drink and an app before heading home to watch Grey's Anatomy.


"The TikTok sound, 'if you're boring just say that' plays in my head every time I get an order for a vodka soda," Brown said.

If this is your go-to drink, the bartender said that "you're probably a girl in her twenties that's also in a sorority."

"You're definitely going to have like 10 of these on a night out, in addition to some tequila shots."

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"I'm convinced nobody actually likes the taste of a vodka soda, but they just order it because it's considered one of the healthiest alcoholic drinks," she added.


If you order a beer at the bar, Brown said you're most likely there just to relax.

"You're super chill and probably just there to catch up with a friend," she said.

"You're not going to cause any problems for us bartenders."


Brown said those who opt for a Cosmo at the bar are similar to the basic twenty-something-year-old vodka soda girls but prefer to sip something a bit sweeter.

"It makes you feel classy to drink out of a martini glass, even though you know you're going to trowing up in the bathroom with your friend holding your hair back in about three hours," she said.

"You're for sure going to end the night drunk calling your ex-boyfriend and have to deal with the regret in the morning."


If your go-to is a Jack and Coke, Brown said that "you're a guy who probably works in construction and you also have a little bit of redneck in ya."

Brown said that you order the same Jack and Coke no matter where you go, and on occasion will throw a beer into the mix.

"You're a chill man,and we like you, at least until you have one too many of these drinks."


"There's no way a normal person enjoys a shot of straight vodka, especially if it's unchilled," the bartender said.

"Are you okay? Like emotionally?"

Brown said that partiers who prefer starting their night with straight vodka shots are "probably just don't want to spend a lot of money, but still want to have a good time."

"I respect it, but come on, we can do better."


Calling all classy white wine lovers.

According to Brown, those who opt for a glass of white wine are "definitely a retired party girl who worries about being hungover the next day."

"You know exactly what type of wine you like because you likely finished a full bottle of it at home on Wednesday night," she said.

"It's probably either a girl's night or you're on a first date," she said about wine drinkers.

"You're likely trying to come off more mature and as if you have your whole life together, even though you're on the verge of a mental breakdown."


Brown said that if you order a Long Island Iced Tea, she's going to assume that you're underage and will thoroughly inspect your ID.

"You're a broke college student just trying to get hammered but you also have to wake up for class at 7 a.m.," she said.

"You also will most likely have to be carried out of the bar by security, and you definitely don't tip your bartender."


From experience, the bartender said that usually, tequila is loved by party girls or rich men.

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"You know what you like and you probably only like the good tequila."

"If you only drink Casamigos Reposado you're probably in the industry as well," she said.

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