I’m a cleaning expert and there are five ways to keep your house tidy and clean that will save you time in the long run | The Sun

CLEANING your home is something most of us leave until the end of the week.

But according to one cleaning whizz, Neat Caroline, from New York, there are five things you can do right away that not only will keep the space tidy but will also save you time in the long run.

The TikTok-famous cleaning expert took it to social media to share the video of her tips, which she promised would make your life easier…

Make the bed

With a lengthy list of adult responsibilities to deal with, cleaning first thing in the morning is something nobody wants to do.

However, Caroline, who also revealed a five-step plan for decluttering, reminded that one of the key things to an always-clean home is a tidy bed.

''Make the bed first thing in the morning.''

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Don't put it down – put it away

Most of us are also guilty of placing tubes, such as skincare products, wherever we can, whether it's on the table or next to the sink.

But to avoid unnecessary clutter, make it a habit to put it away immediately.

Donation items by the door

If you have plenty of items you're thinking of getting rid of, grab an empty bin or a basket and place it by the door.

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''Toss items you wish to donate into a bin by the door. This way you're more likely to get it out the door.''

Load the dishwasher at night

If you have a dishwasher, Caroline recommended loading it at night and putting the clean plates and utensils away in the morning before you leave the house.

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Sort your mail

Those who regularly receive letters also know how quickly your letter box can get filled up with junk mail.

To avoid piles of paper sitting by the door, the cleaning whizz said: ''Sort through your mail as soon as you receive it and recycle your junk mail.''

However, despite some thanking for the useful tips, some critics claimed that making your bed right after you wake up is a major mistake.

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''Don’t make bed first thing wait for 30 minutes. Avoid them bugs,'' commented one.

Another sceptical user wrote: ''Don't make bed early in the morning keeps dust mites alive!!''

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