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THE first thing you often notice when you walk into a room is what is smells like – whether it's good or bad.

As we quickly get used to certain fragrances over time, it can be hard to notice it in your own home – but if smells a bit whiffy guests will be pick up on it as soon as they walk in.

You don't need to worry though, as it's easily rectified.

Here, Fantastic Services cleaning pro Ashleigh Keller shares her top tips to create a fresh and fragrant house that will last for ages, and are super cheap…

When life gives you lemons

To create an enticing aroma, you don't have to buy any expensive products.

Ashleigh says: "One of the most delightful smells out there is the smell of citrus fruit.

"It brings a nice tropical feel to your home and you can easily achieve this.


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"All you need is a spray bottle, water and some essential oils.

"Fill the bottle with distilled water all the way up and add lemon juice and add four to five drops of your favourite essential oil.

"Give it a good shake and spray around.

"A good trick I’ve found works great for me is spraying it on the curtains."

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Pining for perfection

Pinecones can be a great way to introduce the nice scent of nature into your home.

Ashleigh says: "Look for a pine tree and gather some already fallen pinecones in a bag – enough to fill your favourite bowl.

"When you get home, take a look at them and give them a wash if needed.

"Let them dry thoroughly, then add a couple of essential oil drops on them and leave them to do their magic.

"You might want to refresh them every two or three days, just to keep the scent fresh."

Dried Lavender

Having a lavender smell in your home can be really helpful if you want to de-stress after work.

Ashleigh says: "It’s scientifically proven that lavender relaxes you.

"A great and easy way to implement the scent in your home is with dried lavender, baking soda and lavender essential oil.

"Fill a jar with baking soda and dried lavender, and mix it up nicely.

"Drop four or five drops of lavender essential oil in the jar and enjoy the nice scent.

"You might want to drop a couple of new drops every three to four days to maintain the smell."

Get that 'caffeine fix'

Coffee can be a great way to bring a fresh aroma into small spaces.

Ashleigh says: "If you have a closet that you want to be odour free, then the easiest method is to put a cup of coffee beans in it and let it do its magic.

"It’s very important that you choose whole beans, only they will absorb the odour."

Clean the carpet

Our upholstered furniture and coverings often capture and carry bad smells, which can linger.

Ashleigh says: "There is an easy trick to kill that smell.

"The secret here is baking soda. It will absorb every bad smell if you give it enough time.

"Just vacuum the surface thoroughly, then sprinkle generous
amounts on the upholstered surface.

"Leave it for at least 30 minutes and up to 1 hour, then vacuum
everything again.

"The surface should be refreshed, deodorised and nice to the touch!"

Oats so simple

Not only a part of balanced breakfast, oats can also serve as a powerful smell absorber.

Ashleigh explains: "Just leave a bowl of them in a place where they can work their magic.

"If you're afraid people might think you're weird with your choice for conversation pieces, go full-on avant-garde with it.

"Mix it with some potpourri or mint leaves, add some fresh flowers, coffee grounds, vanilla powder, sandalwood… the possibilities are endless."

Cat that got the clean

When we think a cat litter box, we certainly don't think of an appealing aroma.

However, Ashleigh says: "The stuff they make the silicone cat litter from is very useful for a variety of cleaning tasks because of its absorption powers.

"It's not as artsy as oats, but it tends to work a little bit

"Simply fill a sock with it and hang it in your shoe closet and you'll never smell socks again.

"It also works for cooking smells, mildew, and pretty much all kinds of lingering smells in your kitchen."

Warm up some vanilla extract

Placing a couple of drops of vanilla extract in a dish and baking it for 30 minutes can also create a lovely smell.

Ashleigh says: "Vanilla releases a subtle, but comforting scent that almost makes you think someone baked a delicious cake.

"Adding lemon zest and vanilla extract along with water to a ramekin will give your vanilla scent vibes a citrusy twist.

"Put that in the oven on a sheet for 30 minutes, and enjoy a nice smell for a couple of days ahead."

Cook some delicious cookies

Finally, if you have time, baking cookies or something equally as irresistibly tasty is another option.

Ashleigh says: "You will both get a delicious snack for the whole family, and you will introduce a warm and cosy smell that can bring
you back to your childhood."

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