I’m a hairdresser, these are the four mistakes that are ruining your hair – and why you should never wear a low bun

THERE are loads of things stylists recommend we start doing to achieve luscious hair.

But this hair pro has shared the things we need to cut out of our hair routine for good.

Hair extraordinaire Monique Rapier shared her top tips on Instagram recently.

The pro said: "All of these things are damaging your hair!

"Even if you're using the best hair products, the smallest things can still be damaging your hair and causing it to break."

The first thing the pro said hair lovers need to stop doing is slicking your hair back into a trendy low bun.

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The stylish look can lead to hair loss, Monique explained.

Because of the tension the look creates, your hair follicles might begin to fall out over time.

It's also a "recipe for split ends," the hair lover said.

Go for a loser style for a similar look that will cause less long-term damage.

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Using a rough cotton towel on your damp or wet hair is a big no too.

The rough texture of the fabric will almost always result in split ends.

"Make a switch to a microfiber towel and you will be thanking yourself," she added.

Although using some heat on your hair is ok, you should avoid using it on flyaway hairs.

Trying to banish the pesky hairs with heat tools will only make the problem worse, according to the pro.

Take care of them and they'll eventually grow and and look so much healthier.

Monique says the final thing that people get wrong when it comes to hair care is over brushing.

Although brushing is necessary, it creates friction and can damage the hair cuticles.

You should especially avoid brushing your hair when it's wet, as that's when it's at it's weakest, so can split and break more easily.

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Viewers love the simple tips: "Yes to the flyaways!"

Another said: "It's like you're specifically calling me out, I religiously put my hair in a cotton towel."

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