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A MUM-of-12 has revealed how she saves hundreds of pounds by taking part in a simple “no spend” challenge.

Super saver Courtney Rogers, 38 has committed to spending money on anything but the bare essentials for her brood for the entire month of January.

The mum, from New Mexico, US, is only allowed to purchase basic groceries and has banned any luxuries in a bid to keep her spending down after the festive period.

Courtney and her husband, Chris, 38, became a real-life ‘Cheaper by The Dozen’ family after their youngest, Cambria, was born nine months ago.

With such a large family to feed, the parents are adamant on reigning it in this month – enforcing a harsh ban on any unnecessary outgoings.

“The idea is a spending freeze after the holidays are over,” Courtney told NeedToKnow.Online.


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“It involves no eating out or take-aways.

“You're basically just purchasing any groceries you don't have at home.

“There are no movie rentals or signing up to new streaming services.

“Clothing purchases are a no too.

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“No outings that cost money, and no fun purchases are allowed such as toys and home decor.

“The exception is any emergencies that may come up.”

Courtney and her church pastor husband live on a 12-acre farm with their kids, Clint, 12, Clay, 11, Cade, 10, Callie, 9, Cash, 8, Colt and Case, 7, Calena, 5, Caydie, 4, Caralee, 3, Caris, 2, and baby Cambria.

The giant family also share their home with over 200 farm animals including pigs, sheep and chickens.

During her no spend weeks, Courtney puts a ban on her spending except for the bare necessity such as minimal groceries.

That said, the mum-of-12 admits that her family can go through six loaves of bread a week and 80 pints of milk.

She added: “My goal is to do one big shop a week however, we usually have at least one more quick stop for more milk, bread and fresh produce.

“This month I'm trying to come up with 31 different suppers.

“That includes ‘meatless Monday’ meals and using the eggs and pork from our farm.

Courtney says that the festive period is an expensive time in her household and her ‘no spend January’ plan is a great way to top her finances back up.

She said: “Christmas this year was quite busy. We had just come back from a three-and-a-half-week holiday visiting family and the beach.

“We also replaced the flooring in our living areas. Even so, we still managed to have a good time.

“We budgeted about $100 per child for their presents. This did not include their stockings, new pyjamas, and new church outfit.

“We had a traditional ham dinner on Christmas Eve and invited widowers and lonely people to join us.

“Our meal on Christmas Day was Mexican food that included our homemade tamales.”

Since becoming a mum, Courtney has only spent seven months of her life without being pregnant.

Being a mum-of-12, she has to carefully plan her time to take care of the adorable gang.

She added: “A typical day is breakfast and school starting around 8am.

“We continue school until around 11am and then break for clean-up and lunch.

“After lunch the little kids take a nap and everyone else has quiet time.

“When nap time is over, we finish school, do animal chores, and prepare supper.

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“The rest of the day is usually free time and house clean up. We try to put the kids to bed around 8 or 8:30pm.

“The babies go to sleep and the older kids do something quietly, or read in their rooms.”

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