I'm a mum-of-six & my ‘chore system’ makes my kids help me with jobs around the house without any complaints | The Sun

GETTING your kids to stick to chores can be an ongoing battle.

However, one mum has revealed how her 'chore system' has been working with her six kids for four years and shared how you can implement it too.

Sharon Johnson, a mum-of-six, from the US, explained how it works in a TikTok video that has gone viral with over 300k views.

The mum revealed that you should pick a chore for each kid that is essential to your day – that will make a difference to your household.

Then, have a time set for when the chore has to be done, for example before they go to school or when they get back.

She said it was also important to give them the same daily chore for a year so they can get into a routine with it.


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For Sharon, her kids have two chores, one done before school including unloading the dishwasher, feeding the cat ad taking out the rubbish.

The morning tasks are easy checklist ones, that can be done in under five minutes.

They also each have a chore to complete in the afternoon, she added: "They have designated rooms that they are in charge of cleaning up and vacuuming."

"Why I've found this system to be great is that there is no confusion on who is doing what chore when.

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"Second, the kids get really good at it, you don't have to reteach the chore every single week."

She explained that using this chore system means the kids rarely complain about having to do them.

Many parents commented on the video claiming it was a genius idea.

One wrote: "This is brilliant!"

"OK I love this. I'm deffo gonna try it," another commented.

A third said: "You showed them how to do it and set firm boundaries that let them do it at their leisure. It’s perfect."

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