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FROM Halloween to birthday parties, children's worlds often revolve around candy and when they get to eat it next.

A nutritionist has shared how she tackles the power that candy holds over children.

Instagram user Kristen Ludwig, who runs the account KL Nutrition & Fitness, shared the divisive snack method she uses with her children.

The nutrition expert revealed that whenever her children are obsessed with unhealthy foods such as candy, she offers it to them more often.

"When humans feel deprived of something, they want it more. Their minds can become obsessive about it," Kristen explained.

She continued: "This 100 percent applies to food. If kids feel restricted from certain foods, they want it more."

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Kristen detailed how overexposure to unhealthy foods will reduce craving within children.

"If you offer it more, the novelty wears off and they don’t feel restricted. They self regulate and it just becomes like ANY OTHER FOOD," she said.

The expert added: "They don’t eat a ton of it, they’re not obsessed, they’re not trying to sneak around to eat it and they’re not going crazy at friends houses eating things 'they’re not supposed to.'"

The nutritionist uploaded another video showing her daughter eating candy alongside egg, toast, and raspberries for breakfast.

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"My kids don’t need to be 'good' to eat a cupcake. They don’t need to 'eat their broccoli' before enjoying ice cream," she said in the caption.

Kristen explained: "Doing this can put certain foods on a pedestal and creates obsession/fascination with them. Aka they want them more."

Instagram users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the unique method.

"True except for the engineered food that is designed to stimulate the opiate receptors in your brain and make it nearly impossible to self regulate anymore," wrote one viewer.

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Another follower said: "Ignorance is bliss. And this is why kids are obese in America. Aka you have fat kids I'm sure."

"Sugar is addictive though, the more they have the more they’ll get addicted especially at a young age," commented a third person.

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