I'm a present-wrapping pro & there's a very easy way to make a gift bag out of wrapping paper – it's a game changer | The Sun

WHILE some people find wrapping Christmas presents fun, others find it quite the tedious task.

And if you're strapped for time, there's nothing more frustrating than going to grab a quick gift bag – only to realise you've run out.

Well, luckily for you Nikki, who posts under the very apt acronym @wrappinqueen, took to TikTok and posted a video where she explains how to create your own gift bag out of wrapping paper.

In the clip, the self-confessed wrapping whizz begins: "Christmas wrapping hack that you definitely didn't know.

"If you want to wrap an odd item like a teddy bear or a ball, you can actually make a gift bag out of wrapping paper."

She then explains: "You're going to take it, make sure you have enough to cover the whole item, top and bottom, tape it down and then at the bottom, about a quarter of the way down, you're going to fold up.

"Then, take the ends and fold them towards the middle.


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"Take the top and bottom, fold that towards the middle so they meet, and you're going to tape it all down with actually creates the bottom of the bag."

She concludes: "Put your item in through the top and you can secure with some ribbon, a gift tag or any way you'd like."

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The video has received an impressive 5.6 million views and been inundated with comments from impressed social media users.

"Thank you, I've got SO MUCH CHRISTMAS wrapping paper. I'm gonna practice now," wrote one.

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A second quipped: "Please repost on December 23."

A third penned: "Love the idea thanks I will try it."

Meanwhile, a fourth praised: "Very cool!"

Another commented: "You just got a FOLLOWER for that one !!! Thank you, very smart!"

A further added: "Wait this is so smart. I always have so much left over gift wrap every year cause I decide to use bags instead! I’ll be doing this!"

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Another admitted: "Learned how to do this a couple years ago, it’s a game changer!!"

And one more social media user wrote: "Love this idea! Definitely using this."

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