I’m a psychologist – the reason Khloe Kardashian wants another baby with cheating Tristan Thompson isn't what fans think | The Sun

IF you keep up with the Kardashians, you know all about the ongoing Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson drama.

As an outsider watching it play out, most of us become frustrated with Khloe for continuously taking him back after all his cheating scandals.

A psychologist named Julie Theis, who goes by @psychadvice on TikTok, said there’s a reason Khloe Kardashian still wanted to have a second baby with Tristan after all his bad behavior – and it’s not what most people think.

“A lot of you say it’s because she wanted True to have a full biological sibling.

“No. Her other two siblings are biological, but let’s go on your train of thought,” she said, referring to the other two children that Tristan fathers with different women.

The psychologist argued that that train of thought doesn’t capture the big picture.


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“So, you’re telling me that Khloe is more concerned with True having a full-blooded sibling than she is with her children being raised with the dynamic that these two have with each other.”

She said that because Khloe is rich on her own, she can give her kids the world with or without Tristan.

“Khloe’s attitude is – True’s this little orphan baby with no siblings.

“It’s just interesting that the bloodline seems to matter so much more than the emotional, than the dynamics. And we all know True is going to grow up and have to see this man in the newspaper.”

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Although the decision to have a second kid together was made before Khloe found out Tristan impregnated another woman, she did already know about all of his other cheating scandals.

“I think it goes so far beyond Khloe wanting a biological sibling for True.

“If I had to guess, I’d say it’s like a codependent, rooted in ‘Please choose me. Please love me.’

“At least for where they were at in this relationship, the thinking was, ‘Maybe this will fix it. I feel super out of control, and this is my one way to have control in a situation where I don’t right now.’”

Viewers thought the theory was interesting:

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“Definitely co-dependency. She’s trauma bonded to him. This is beyond True’s interest. It’s an unhealthy attachment,” one person wrote.

“Could it also be trauma from not knowing who her real father is?” another wondered.

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