I'm a redhead and hate wearing bras – I tried a corset instead, it works for bigger boobs and passes the jumping test | The Sun

THIS fashion guru created her own support system instead of reaching for bras, and she says it passes one key test for those with larger chests.

Instead of a typical bra that she might find at major retailers, the influencer created a makeshift corset to offer comfort and support.

YouTuber May Lina (@maylina) created a short video on the platform to show how others can go about making the corset if they are anti-bra, or if they just want to find an alternative solution.

"Hate bras?" the redhead asked in the caption for the video.

"Try regency corset (stays) instead!"

At the start of the clip, May showed viewers a linen skirt that she would use as a base for the corset.

She told her audience that it would be "more than enough" for the material needed to create the piece.

For a first step, to make the corset your own, May advised embroidery.

She included sunflowers on hers, along with lavender and other plant life.

The influencer then cut out several pieces of the linen dress and used a sowing machine to meld them together.

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For the "boning" of the corset, which makes up its solid frame, May used zip ties.

She then added the holes and string for finishing touches and showed off her final product.

The tan corset extended down just below her chest, with embroidery designs on the bottom and two straps over her shoulders like a standard bra.

However, the corset is worn outside of the shirt, and May noted the importance of the corset never being "worn on bare skin."

May explained that there are several advantages to the corset over other bras.

"It's way more comfortable," she wrote in the on-screen captions.

"And has [a] great push-up effect."

She added that the corset has posture benefits as well, and May even "forgot it was on."

The influencer also stressed that the corset must be made to the wearer's bust measurements.

If done right, according to May, viewers will have the "best bra" they've ever worn.

Additionally, she made an important note for those with bigger chest sizes.

The corset should allegedly "pass the jump test," meaning the item should be sturdy enough to support even amongst the most thrashing of movements.

May isn't the only one finding alternative solutions for women with larger chests, either.

As The U.S. Sun previously reported, one fitness influencer claimed that she found the best sports bra for those who have bigger busts.

Vikki T (@fitwithvict), a certified personal trainer, shared the discovery in a video with her TikTok following.

She was impressed with the Gymshark Studio Sports bra, and she paused mid-workout to rave about the $45 product.

"A little commercial break for this sports bra — this is the best sports bra I've ever worn," she said while wearing the green bra as a top.

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