I’m a soggy mum – I leave the TV on 24/7, buy fizzy drinks and use Barbie detangler on my kids – I hate crunchy mums

A SELF-DESCRIBED "soggy mum" has urged other parents to embrace the title and be proud of everything it entails.

Danelle Bensor took to TikTok to share a video explaining what she considers makes a soggy mum, saying: "Repeat after me – I am not a crunchy mum, I am a soggy mum."

The term crunchy mum has increased in popularity in recent months, and refers to a mother who practices natural parenting, with one website even calling them "neo-hippies".

Therefore, by Danelle's reasoning, a soggy mum is the complete opposite.

In her TikTok video, Danelle detailed the reasons she is a soggy mum herself, explaining: "Soggy mums use Barbie detangler, soggy mums use chemicals, soggy mums buy soda.

" Soggy moms buy clothes from Target, soggy moms have the TV on 24/7, soggy moms buy fruit for decoration."

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Concluding her video, Danelle said: "Join me – soggy moms unite!"

She was quickly praised in the comments by other mums who felt they shared her soggy mum tendencies.

With one writing: "These are my people! My house smells like lysol all purpose cleaner and scentsy, the TV will be on with kids eating store bought snacks."

"Yes!! I'm a soggy grandma!! I clean with chemicals and give my grandkids fruit snacks and McDonald's," another added.

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"I needed this more than you will ever know! Thank you!!!!! #imasoggymom," a third wrote.

The response to her video saw Danelle set up a Facebook group titled Soggy Moms Unite, which currently stands at 600 members.

Others insisted they were more "scrunchie mums" – a combination of crunchy and soggy.

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"I breastfeed but I vaccinate. I cosleep but my kids eat McDonald’s. I’m a scrunchie," one woman wrote.

While another added: "I think I'm like cereal. In the morning I'm crunchy but as the day goes on I become more and more soggy."

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