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DECORATING your home can be challenging but an interior design expert has claimed some items make your home look cheap.

Viewers were left outraged after James Samson recommended the tips for homeowners in a viral TikTok video.

He urged homeowners to avoid selecting matching furniture and claimed curtains should be at least touching the ground.

Samson also laments upper kitchen cabinets that have space between the ceiling.


Samson described matching furniture as “humanity’s biggest crime”.

He said: “Curating different pieces may seem challenging but I promise you your space will look more thought out and a lot more personal.”

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But fans online slammed Samson as some said they love matching furniture.

One commented: “I love matching furniture, unmatched looks to me like you bought it all on markdown and tried to make it work together.”

And, another hit back: “I love matching furniture and always will.”

And, a TikToker commented: “There’s nothing wrong with matching furniture.

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“Friend of mine matched living room, dining room, and the kitchen.”

Julie Sousa, the founder of Boston-based interior design company Avant Garden Home, said matching sets lack “visual interest”.

She encouraged homeowners to mix and match contrasting elements such as wood and metal or wood and upholstery.

And, interior designer Kate Kerdi claimed matching furniture makes homes look cheap.


Samson lamented kitchen cabinets that have a space between the ceiling.

He described the gap as "awkward".

He said: “By closing the gap with molding the kitchen will look super custom and bouji.”

He suggested that you could fill the gap with books.


Samson said curtains should be at least touching the ground.

He suggested the material should be hung wide and high.

Samson claims this gives your room a luxury look and more room.

But, some said they didn’t want their curtains to touch the ground.

Meanwhile, interior design experts have revealed which kitchen trends are starting to become outdated.

Swati Goorha told Martha Stewart: “I find white kitchens to be sterile and lacking personality.

“There is so much room to customize the space you spend the most time in.”

Goorha recommended that you should opt for a warm and friendly color scheme that can evoke happiness.

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And, Bobby Berk claimed you should say no to appliances in quirky designs such as candy apple red and lemon yellow.

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