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MASTERING the art of interior design is easy to accomplish when you know what to avoid.

A woman on TikTok who knows quite a bit about home decor has revealed some of her dos and don’ts.

She goes by the name @HomedrawnInteriors on social media, and the helpful interior design video she uploaded already has over 242,000 likes.

She starts her video by saying: “Today I’m showing some simple dos and don’ts of interior design.”

Her first tip is avoid cluttered gallery walls filled with wooden words and quotes.

“This style is long gone,” she says.

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Instead, she encourages her followers to simplify things by hanging matching frames that have clean, straight lines.

She explains: “It’s going to be way easier on the eyes and give you that much more high-end look.”

Her next tip is to avoid placing the curtain rod right on top of the window line.

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“You want to bring [the curtain rod] up as close to the ceiling as you can to help elongate your walls, making your ceiling appear longer and taller.”

“You also want your curtains to barely brush the bottom of the floor,” she points out.

Her final tip is avoid placing small-sized area rugs in living spaces.

She showcases an example of a patterned rug in front of a couch that looks like it simply doesn’t belong.

She tells her viewers: “The rule we want to follow is to have at least the front legs of every piece of furniture being able to touch the rug.”

Plenty of TikTokers appreciate her tips to avoid outdated home decor trends.

Someone wrote: “I was going to do a gallery wall in my new home and now I'm definitely doing those symmetrical frames. Wow!”

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“Perfect timing as I just closed on my new home,” another person commented.

Another person added: “I’ve been wanting to change my gallery wall for a long time! I like the idea of the matching frames! Thanks for the advice!”

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