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AN organized closet can mean an organized life, and it's never been easier.

Using three simple hacks, you can easily locate any item of clothing in and it will always be wrinkle-free.

TikTok user Chantel Mila shared her three free tips to organizing your closet and making your life easier.

Chantel's first hack involves using the tab from a soda can to double your storage space.

Simply place the tab on the hook of a hanger and you can put another hanger through it, doubling your storage.

For her second tip, Chantel recommends folding your sweaters around a hanger to avoid unsightly shoulder bumps.

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Finally, you can prevent buttons becoming frayed or falling off your shirt by adding a small amount of clear nail polish to them.

Chantel's followers were impressed with her simple and free closet hacks.

"OMG I’ve been buying the stackable hangers and I could’ve just done this," said one user.

One person asked: "The clear polish trick – why didn’t I learn this before?"

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"The nail polish is going to the top of my to do list," wrote a third person.

"I just adore the hack for hanging tops. It’s a game changer," said another follower.

Another person said: "I'm definitely doing the soda cap thing."

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