La DoubleJ and Ladurée’s Collab Celebrates the Divine Feminine

To Celebrate Mother’s Day, fertility, and womanhood as a whole, La DoubleJ has partnered with Ladurée on a 12-piece tabletop collection that combines the Milanese lifestyle brand’s love of bright, maximalist prints with the Parisian patisserie’s cultivated taste.

The collaboration is brought to life by colorful patterns inspired by the natural world. At its core is a set of six porcelain dessert plates, each painted with a different motif that represents the divine feminine, including a bursting rose to symbolize the seed of life, a floral pattern for abundance, and a heart for unconditional love. Framed by delectable shades of pink and pistachio, they’re a sweet finish to any table setting.

La DoubleJ founder JJ Martin has long been fascinated by archetypes of feminine energy. She even created a popular Goddesses capsule collection for Matchesfashion in 2019. When Elisabeth Holder, co-president of Ladurée U.S., suggested that Martin might look to Greek mythology again for this new collection, “I said ‘OK, let’s use the same nugget of feminine energy but let’s show a different angle of it,’” Martin recalls.

To get inspired Martin tapped into her own spiritual practice that centers the creator state of Gaia Sophia, otherwise known as Mother Earth.. “Every day at 3.33pm, which is a numerical code that accesses the divine feminine, I do a meditation to hook up into that energetic,” she explains. “No matter where I am, my alarm goes off and I sit in quiet and allow that frequency to merge with all levels of my being. Sometimes I lock myself in the bathroom at work to do it.”

Rounding out the collection are a teapot, teacups and saucers, and a goodie jar, available on the La DoubleJ website. A cotton twill apron, a tote, and decorative boxes filled with sets of macarons—including Martin’s favorite flavor, lemon—are available exclusively at Ladurée stores and through Goldbelly.

“The feminine is very connected to darkness, to emptiness, the idea that you plant your seeds in a vast unknown and with hope, faith, love and tenderness, something grows- whether it’s a baby, a business plan, a book, or dinner for four,” says Martin. “Each piece of the collection shows symbols for that. So there are trees, leaves, vines, fruits, flowers and of course a giant butterfly, the universal symbol of remarkable transformation.”

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