‘Lazy’ mum blogger who lets kids eat with hands used fake profile to hit back at trolls who said children must HATE her

A "LAZY" mum blogger who lets her six children eat with their hands has admitted to using a fake profile to defend herself when trolls online said her kids must HATE her.

Earlier hits month, Aussie blogger Constance Hall admitted that she only bathes her brood three times a week and allows them to "feast with their hands".

In response to some of the backlash she's received online, Constance has now admitted to creating a fake profile to defend herself – and she's certainly not the only one.

Last week, one of Instagram's most successful mummy bloggers Clemmie Hooper (otherwise known as Mother of Daughters) shocked followers when she admitted to trolling her husband, her mates and other influencers on the forum Tattle Life.

In a personal essay for MamaMia, Constance said that she was left with a "ball of fury and pain inside her chest" after reading comments left on a news story about her parenting where an overwhelming number of Facebook users said her "children appeared to hate her".

Knowing that she couldn't defend herself using her personal account, Constance set up a fake profile and pretended that "Annie" was a close friend of the family.

Constance wrote: "I created Annie and claimed that she knew Constance and none of these things were true. And nobody listened and I still felt like s***."

Although Constance claimed that having profile "momentarily weakened" the knot in her chest, she quickly realised how addictive a fake profile could be and only used "Annie" twice.

She wrote: "Let's be honest, I have an army of kids to raise, an empire to build and a whole lot of trolls that rely on my content to keep their lives interesting.

Clemmie has done what trolls don’t do, and said she’s sorry. Until you and your children and husband have been repeatedly abused every day on the most personal level, it’s really hard to judge someone for their actions.

It's been over a year since Constance used her fake Facebook profile and she claims the "meanest" thing she ever said was: "Yes she does make donations, I’ll send you the receipts!”

Describing her own experience with Tattle Life, Constance recounted how followers mistook the shimmery make-up on her hand for cocaine and began speculating whether she had a drug problem.

Describing how Clemmie simply got "sucked into the vortex of evil", Constance added: "Eventually, she found herself on the other side, tearing down other bloggers in order to get some heat off herself."

Clemmie claims she joined the Tattle Life forum to try and combat some of the negative comments she received – but ended up joining in on the trolling when other users started to suspect her.

The mum-of-four even described her husband Simon – who boasts over 1m followers on his Father of Daughters account – a "class A t***" in an attempt to throw other users off the scent.

He has since said he had no idea what Clemmie was doing and refused to "defend her bad choices".

But as someone who knows what it's like to be trolled, Constance said: "Until you and your children and husband have been repeatedly abused every day on the most personal level, it’s really hard to judge someone for their actions."


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