McDonald’s employee reveals the real reason they are always trying to upsell

A MCDONALD’S employee has revealed the real reason why they are always trying to upsell.

Taking to TikTok Benita Jadah shared “things that McDonald’s employees love” with customers who “take the upsell” at the top of her list.

In the video she reenacts taking a customer’s order before offering them a promotion on apple pies which they accept.

She then announces she’s got a ‘bingo’ and will be getting a free meal.

Captioning her video she said: “Yes I actually do get a free meal when you buy our pies.”

A fellow McDonald’s employee revealed that this is the case and staff are given bingo sheets to encourage them to upsell.

Once they have sold all of the items on the bingo sheet then they are entitled to a free meal in the fast food chain.

They wrote: “I used to work at the restaurant and we would play bingo or other games for an upsell and if you win you got a free meal.”

The video has since gone viral receiving over 667,000 likes with many viewers agreeing they would buy more apple pies in the future.

Fabulous Digital has contacted McDonald's US for a comment.

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