Mrs Hinch fans swear by 47p hack to remove toilet limescale – it's 'better than baking soda', with no faff involved | The Sun

THERE’S nothing worse than scrubbing away at stubborn limescale that just won’t shift.

If you don’t fancy getting your gloves on and putting your hand in your toilet, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Cleaning enthusiasts have shared a very simple but highly effective 47p hack to get rid of limescale, without any faff involved.

Not only is this hack cheap and cheerful, but you won't need to spend hours scrubbing away on your hands and knees thanks to one clever product.

Ever since cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, otherwise known as Sophie Hinchliffe, took to Instagram, cleaning tips and tricks have become more and more popular.

There’s even Facebook groups where cleaning fanatics share their hacks for getting their homes spotless.

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And the latest hack focuses on removing stubborn limescale, without the faff. 

On one such group, a Facebook user asked for advice on how to get rid of limescale from her friend’s toilet.

Helen Ince wrote: “Disgusting toilet bowl. My friend has just moved into a new place. We have done everything I can think of to clean her toilet but the bowl has some brown dirt we can't remove… Any tips?”

Luckily for you, Mrs Hinch fans came to the rescue and shared their quick, simple trick for getting rid of stubborn limescale. 

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Not only is this an ‘easy’ method, but don’t worry, you won’t have to worry about spending loads of money on fancy cleaning products.

In fact, with this clever hack, you’ll only need to spend 47p – yes, you heard that correctly… 

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There were a variety of different techniques suggested, but the most popular responses suggested using cola to help shift the problem. 

One woman said: “Overnight use cola in the toilet but don’t flush it until the morning.”

A second commented: “A large bottle of cola, pour it down the loo and leave for at least 24 hrs. Any cola will do. I get mine from Aldi for only 47p.”

A third said: “Pour a litre of cola in the loo and leave overnight. I found that it worked better than using baking soda and white vinegar.”

Another user suggested: “Put the whole bottle of cola down the toilet and leave it to sit overnight or at least a good few hours. 

“I did this with my toilet which was covered in tough limescale and the stains were all gone by the morning with no scrubbing.”


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One Facebook user revealed: “My son and daughter-in-law both get the same in their houses and they both use cola down the toilet overnight and they’ve said that it works a treat.”

Another cleaning fan noted: “Cola will resolve the limescale. It is as cheap as chips and can be used on multiple items.”

What is a drink loved by many, cola actually contains three acids – citric acid, tartaric acid and phosphoric acid. 

Each of the acids helps remove common deposits such as limescale.

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Surprisingly, cola can contain more phosphoric acid than many cleaning sprays and not only is it a cheap method, but it’s quick and easy too.

There’s barely any faff involved and this fizzy drink can also remove limescale from other household surfaces such as shower heads, taps, and kettles.

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