Mum-of-10 reveals she gets up at 5am to clean the house and does 11 loads of laundry a week

YOU think your chores list was tough? Spare a thought for a mum-of-10 who gets up at 5am to clean the home before the rest of the household wakes up. 

Hard-working mum Amy Maryon, from the US, spends hours cleaning each room and doing laundry before her large brood stirs for the day. 

Speaking to Fabulous, she said: “I usually wake up at 5am each morning to start my day. 

“My cleaning before the kids wake up takes about two hours, once per week. 

“I like to do a good thorough cleaning at least once to make sure everything else gets done. 

“If we do all of our laundry one time per week that would be 11 loads of laundry.”

In a YouTube video, Amy filmed one of her morning cleans so her 115,000 subscribers could see the work that goes into maintaining her home. 

She said: “Today is going to be a get-up and get things done Tuesday,

“We’ve got a house to clean up, we’ve got bathrooms to clean, I’ve got laundry, I am out of towels.

“I’ve got food to put away still from groceries last week from my freezer food making day. There is a lot to get done.

“I don’t have a list, just in my head I know what needs to be done.”

The mum-of-10 filmed as she started by doing the dishwasher and cleaning her kitchen to make it look spick and span. 

This included cleaning inside the microwave, cupboards and around the hob with a vinegar spray.

She then cleared the dining table of all food items and added a pretty runner and plants down the middle. 

Next, she cleaned the lounge, straightening all the sofa cushions and putting on her robot hoover, before moving onto the bathroom. 

Here, Amy cleaned the toilet, sink, bath, shower and floor and tidied away any shampoo bottles. 

Next, the mum restored her pantry, filling up cereal boxes and crisps into plastic containers. 

Amy showed how she also created a list of deep cleaning chores for her children to help out with when they wake up.

Writing on her blog, Amy said: “We are far from being the ‘perfect family’. 

“We go through life with as many problems as the next person—- ours is just multiplied. 

“Even though we have an endless sink full of dishes, laundry that is never ending, diaper changes all day long, oh and did I mention the decibel level in our household? 

“We wouldn’t have it any other way. 

“With all the extras comes a hardy dose of laughter, never ending fellowship and a lot of love to go around.”

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