Mum reveals genius way to heat up paddling pool so it’s ‘like a bath’ – and it will get kids jumping in

A MUM has revealed the clever way she managed to heat up her paddling pool in the garden and she guarantees it will have your kids jumping straight in.

While freezing cold water from the hose on a hot day can be refreshing – sometimes it's not for everyone and can make even the paddling pool a little too cool to immerse yourself in.

But, one savvy mum decided to put a hack to heat up her paddling pool to the test and has since confirmed that it worked a treat – warming up the water so it was almost "like a bath".

Posting to Facebook, she shared her genius trick and all you need is some radiator reflective roll – that can be picked up from B&Q for around £12 – and good weather on your side.

The mum revealed: "Forget black bin liners on your paddling pool! Radiator reflective roll is a game changer!"

Explaining what to do, she continued: "[Put the roll] on top of the water for an hour whilst I did the school run and on return the top few inches were like bath water!"

She shared that it was the key to getting her daughter, who usually finds the water to cold, to use the paddling pool.

"[My daughter] normally takes half an hour to get into the pool; today, seconds," the mum revealed.

Her tip comes after parents revealed the clever way they clean their paddling pools to save time, instead of constantly emptying it and refilling itin order to give it the once over.

When one mum begged for help when it comes to cleaning her inflatable pool, others suggested trying a foot-washing station – using a smaller baby pool or large bowl filled with water – so kids can wash the dirt and grass off their feet before jumping in.

To banish any slick sheen on the water from suncream run-off, one mum said she swears by throwing a tennis ball into the water. Leave it in the pool for a few hours, as it helps to absorb any oil left behind.

Other parents like to use sterilising fluid – adding a cap full to the water in your paddling pool can help to keep bacteria and algae growth at bay.

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