My boyfriend’s ex left her makeup at his so I use it, it grosses people out but we’ve both kissed him so I don't care

FINDING something that belongs to your partner’s ex would likely cause upset for many people, right?

Well, not for one woman.

TikTok user ‘friskycait’ has shared what she found in her boyfriend’s room and insists that she isn’t bothered but is actually pleased about the find.

In Cait’s video we see her applying makeup, which turns out to be the Benefit Bene Tint Rose Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain. 

But this product doesn’t actually belong to Cait…she found it in her boyfriend’s room and said it was ‘the girl before’ her. 

While many might be worried or upset about finding someone else’s makeup in their partner’s room, Cait was seriously pleased to swipe up this lip and cheek product, as it turns out it’s her favourite. 

Cait said: “To the girl before me that left this in my boyfriend's room.

“Queen. My fav tint.” 

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At the time of writing, the video had only been posted to TikTok a day prior, but has already racked up a whopping 256.8k views.

It has 19.8k likes, 116 comments and 47 shares.

There were many TikTok users that were shocked at how calm Cait was in this situation.

One person said: “How are you not crying.” 

Another added: “Why would you use it.” 

A third commented: “God, my nightmare.”

However, there were other TikTok users that were pleased for Cait.

One user commented: “This is amazing.”

Another added: “Omg love that for you.”

A third said: “As you should queen.”

One person asked: “I need to know if this is a joke or not” to which Cait said “no joke.” 


Some users were shocked that Cait was using someone else’s used makeup.

One user said: “Ayo so ur just using a used applicator?” to which Cait responded “i kiss him so same applicator as well.” 

There were also many TikTok users that thought that Cait should be concerned by the find and thought that it meant she was being cheated on.

One person said: “You’re getting cheated on babes.” 

Another added: “What if she left it for you to find cos he cheating.” 

A third commented: “Somethings leading me to believe he cheated.”

What do you think?! 

Meanwhile, I spent 40 minutes getting ready to meet my date’s friends – but he didn’t like my outfit so sent me HOME in an Uber.

Also, I found out my man was cheating when I took a STI test and it came back positive for chlamydia.

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