My hairdresser gave me the worst cut of my life…I can’t stop crying – it was supposed to be a treat but it’s not fixable | The Sun

THERE’S nothing worse than paying a hairdresser to do your hair and leaving the salon feeling unimpressed.

But one woman was left devastated when a hairdresser gave her a botched cut, causing her to have a full-on breakdown.

Beauty influencer, known as ‘rosaamazapan’ on TikTok was left sobbing in her car after she treated herself to a haircut that went terribly wrong.

The beauty fan decided to get a haircut after finishing an exam, but it turned out to be 'the worst haircut' she has ever had, leaving her in tears. 

The influencer took to TikTok to show off her bad haircut and uploaded the video with the caption ‘Sorry for the ugly crying and the cussing but mostly sorry for letting you guys see this terrible haircut!’ 

In the caption, the beauty fan asked her followers to tag YouTube star hairstylist Brad Mondo, the self-confessed ‘CEO of hairdresser reacting’. 

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Whilst crying, she explained: "I never recorded myself crying because I don't get why people do that. I think it's f***ing weird.

"And here I am crying because of that, the worst f***ing haircut in my f***ing life. 

“This is how bad it is. What is this?! What is this?!”

The influencer shows of the choppy haircut and it’s safe to say, it's not the best haircut we've ever seen.

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Becoming visibly more stressed, the woman insisted she does everything to take care of her hair and now she is devastated at the awful cut. 

She continued: “Today, I had an exam and I was like, 'reward yourself' because I did really well on that exam and this is my f***ing reward. How do I fix this?"

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"I take good care of my hair. I'm a good person. 

“Why, why did this happen? Why did nobody stop her?

“She said ‘let me give you face framing pieces’, where?! 

“This is my hair styled, she styled it, she gave me a ‘blow out’.

“Oh my gosh, I looked in the mirror and was like ‘holy s**t’.

“My self-esteem is about to f***ing plummet.

“What did I do to deserve this?!” 

The infleuncer’s video has clearly shocked many, as it has racked up 66.6k views. 

It has 4,305 likes, 404 comments and 240 shares.

Viewers were heartbroken for the woman as they took to the comments to reveal their shock and to offer her some advice.

One user said: "I’m so sorry this happened! What kind of cut did you ask for? I’m a stylist and I’m so confused how another stylist could do this to you."

Another added: "Reason why I stopped going to a hair salon 20yrs ago, I do it myself."

A third commented: "Whoever cut your hair was really out to get you sis omg!”

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One TikTok user reassured the influencer: “Your hair is beautiful. It’s a bad haircut, sure but your hair is still beautiful and it will grow my love.” 

Another joked: "Bruh hair grows back, calm down, I swear this generation wouldn’t survive in war."

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