My husband has only been dead a month but his creepy colleague keeps asking me out – his texts are so gross

IF you've ever lost a loved one then you'll know that there's no strict timeline as to when you'll start feeling "normal".

But a month after your other half has passed away? Yeah, we're sure most people will agree that's probably too soon to be dating again.

That said, one bloke thought he'd try his luck anyway by texting his old colleague's widow just four weeks after he passed.

Earlier this week, the anonymous woman posted screenshots of the "creepy" messages on Reddit's "Nice Guys" forum.

To begin with, the man initiated the conversation innocently enough and said he "hoped she was well" after her recent loss.

He then went on to say he was "very hurt" to hear that her husband had passed away – before telling her about the dog he'd recently lost.


"I know how you're feeling," he wrote. "I'm here to listen if you want."

Trying to brush it off, the woman simply told him "thank you" in the hope that would be the end of the conversation.

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However, the "inappropriate" man then decided to ask exactly where she's from – before telling her that "women from her country have incredible hips".

"Your husband is a lucky man," he added. "Sorry. WAS."

Hoping that this would be her way of the exchange, the widow replied: "Thanks for clarifying, I wouldn't have known what you meant if you didn't add in the 'was' there…"

However, the cheeky bloke didn't stop there and said he didn't want to "screw up" his "chance" to date her.

Your husband would want you to be with a man who he knows will treat you right… in all ways.

He added: "I'm a good guy I promise. One date is all I ask. I'm free this Friday and Saturday."

And even thought the woman said she wasn't interested in dating right now, that still didn't stop the man from trying to convince her.

"I knew your husband well," he claimed. "I know what you expect in a man. I can provide that."

After being shut down again, the man cruelly replied: "Should have known you were just a pretty face. You aren't even that pretty."

And in a final attempt to woo her, he continued: "Your husband would want you to be with a man who he knows will treat you right… in all ways.

"I'm good at taking care of women. Especially ones like you. Such f***able hips."

Needless to say, this is when the woman stopped replying and his vulgar messages prompted her to shame him on the forum.

One replied: "Firstly, I'm so sorry for your loss. This must be an incredibly difficult time for you.

Secondly… what the f*** type of person does this?? My mind melted a bit reading that."

"Had the same thing happen after my fiancé’s suicide," another added. "Some people are complete garbage."

A third wrote: "He lost me at the kissy face in the first message…"

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