My neighbour epilates her legs and throws her toenail clippings out of her window above my flat – it’s so disgusting | The Sun

THERE’S nothing more annoying than having a neighbour that constantly gets on your nerves.

Particularly if you live in a flat or an apartment and your irritating neighbour lives very close to you.

Well, that’s the situation that one woman has found herself in, but her neighbour isn’t your standard problematic neighbour that rows about parking, bins or fences.

This anonymous woman has taken to Reddit to reveal the things that her neighbour does to get on her nerves – and prepare to be seriously grossed out.

The Reddit user confirmed that she lives in an apartment complex and the room that is opposite her has a new tenant.

Posting on Reddit as ‘u/wzahh’, the anonymous person revealed that the new tenant’s room is above the shared entry and this new neighbour epilates her legs at her window, letting the hair fall down outside.

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And not only this, but to make matters worse, she also throws her toenail clippings out of her window too.

The woman took to the discussion website and explained: “Me and my boyfriend live in an apartment complex that’s kind of shaped like a U. 

“Our side has full apartments, but on the other side they share things like bathrooms and kitchens.

“The room that’s opposite to our apartment just got a new inhabitant, her room is above their shared entry. 

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“The girl who started living there spends a lot of time in her window. 

“Her window is directly above the shared door. 

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“We’ve seen her epilate her legs there, letting the hair fall down. 

“She clips her (toe) nails there, letting the nails fall down. 

“We’ve even seen her pull hair from her head and throw it out the window. 

“This door is always open, so she wouldn’t notice in time if anyone would walk out of the door. 

“We luckily don’t have to go in through that door, but we think it’s pretty gross. 

“I would absolutely lose my mind if I walked out of my home and a toenail or something fell on my head. 

“Are we crazy or is this super weird?”

Reddit users were left shocked at the woman’s post, with many talking to the comments to express this. 

One person said: “Oh. This girl is very unwell.” 

Another added: “I’ve noticed humans can be stunningly unaware of their surroundings.” 

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A third commented: “Has anyone pointed out to her that the window is right above that doorway? Is she aware people are seeing her groom herself in the window?

"She might not realise how it looks on the other side or that she’s straight above that entry.” 

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