My wedding officiant criticized me and my spouse, told us we lived ‘in sin,’ and double charged us – but it gets worse

A BRIDE and groom were in for a rude surprise when their wedding officiant – a pastor picked by the groom’s mother – started criticizing their relationship during their ceremony. 

Wedding goers eventually pressured the pastor to leave, but he was determined to make a fuss and double charged the couple as revenge.

The bride and groom were not religious, but to please the groom’s mother, they agreed to let the pastor from her conservative Evalangical church officiate the wedding.

According to the bride’s cousin, who claimed he witnessed the ordeal in an anonymous post to Reddit, everything went smoothly up until the wedding. 

He explained that the bride and groom wrote their own vows and the pastor had very little involvement in the ceremony – despite charging them a hefty $1,000 sum to be present. 

“[This] surprised my cousin because he was supposedly a longtime personal friend of [the mother-in-law], and [the mother-in-law] had told my cousin that he would probably do it for free,” the poster noted. 

Alas, they fronted the money to “avoid conflict and make mother-in-law happy.”

Unfortunately, an even bigger surprise awaited the bride and groom as they stood before their friends and family on their wedding day.

“Everything was going as expected, when, just before the ‘I do’ part of the wedding ceremony, the preacher announced to everyone present: ‘This is a bit unusual, but the Lord has led me to say a few words to these two kids,’” the poster recalled.

“He then launched into a sermon, bemoaning ‘the decline of traditional marriage,’ condemning unmarried couples who, like my cousin and her fiancé, had been living together for several years without being married, then saying that non-Christian spouses, like my cousin and her husband, were more likely to get divorced, commit adultery, and even physically abuse each other,” he revealed.

When the bride and groom pleaded with the pastor to stop his speech, he threatened that he would not marry them if they did not agree to hear his thoughts. 

Luckily, the bride was knowledgeable and informed the pastor that their state did not require an officiant.

“We only invited you because my mother-in-law asked us to, and I'm sure she had no idea you were going to do something this stupid," she said. 

The mother-in-law then proceeded to stand up and give her supposed friend two thumbs down.

The pastor then stomped out of the church after declaring: "You can all live in sin for all I care.”

The bride and groom continued on with their ceremony and finished it themselves, and were happy to be done with the pastor. 

However, a few days later, the newlyweds received an additional $1,000 charge for the "extra services provided" at the wedding and the disgruntled pastor even took them to small claims court to collect the money. 

Luckily, the couple had a great deal of evidence to show that they had paid the preacher and that they were not responsible for the show he put on at their wedding. 

They even had a video of the ordeal, which led the judge to throw out the case. 

“Everyone in the courtroom had a good laugh,” the poster concluded. 

Readers of the story celebrated the couple’s victory, but many were disappointed that they did not countersue.

At least this couple had a happy ending, unlike one woman who watched her ex get engaged at her own sister’s wedding without any warning.

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