Neighbour built a fence through part of my garden – so I got ultimate revenge | The Sun

A FRUSTRATED homeowner has gone viral after sharing his hilarious response to his petty neighbours decision to build a fence through part of his garden.

Posted to TikTok, the man shared his ultimate revenge after they refused to correct it.

The ingenious plan was to start cutting fence piece by piece using a chainsaw and drill.

The clip shows two men as they dissemble the wooden partition – leaving a visible line in the grass.

“My neighbours fence is on our property, and we’ve asked them to partner with us to correct it,” they wrote.

“They refused…so here we are!”

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The viral video received a huge response from commenters who were split over the revenge plan.

One said: “Am I the only one who literally would not care if it’s a little over the line?”

As another wrote: “It’s a free fence I would have thanked them for saving me thousands.”

A third penned: “Y’all don’t understand, if they allow the neighbours to fence that property, it becomes their property.”

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As a fourth added: “I simply love the pettiness.”

These TikTok users aren't the only ones feuding with their neighbours about their fence.

In one dramatic account, a woman was reportedly left in tears after her neighbour erected a fence around her garden space.

While another claimed that he was forced to put up a 6ft high partition after a resident complained about his kids swimming outside in the hot weather.

Plus, a homeowner who put up a fence for privacy purposes has told how her neighbour was left fuming because it blocks his view of her garden.

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