New mums proudly showing off ‘real’ post-baby bodies with loose skin & stretch marks as they blast unrealistic celebs

THERE'S no denying women's bodies undergo a massive change when they have a baby – and not everyone instantly ‘snaps back’ to fit into their pre-maternity jeans. 

Often it takes weeks or even months to recover physically, but lots of new mums never return to their old shape and size and have to embrace their new ‘mum bod’. 

That said, you wouldn't think that was the case when stars such as Gigi Hadid, Chloe Lewis and Vogue Williams shared photos of themselves looking svelte soon after giving birth.

Proving that all women's bodies are different, mums have been sharing their stretch marks, cesarean scars, mesh underwear and sore nipples on Instagram page ‘takebackpostpartum’. 

Hundreds of mums are celebrating their new bodies as they revealed they’d finally worked up the courage to share snaps of themselves, as they blasted social media for making them feel insecure.

One mum finally shared a snap of herself in a bikini, as she said: “I took this photo because I remember looking at myself and feeling relief. I started thinking about how far I’ve come on my journey to self love. 

“And then I started thinking about the reality of social media, and the reality is, life isn’t picture perfect. And we’re all guilty of posting our most ‘flattering’ photos.

“This body is not a before, not an after, not a work in progress. This is my body now. Far too long I’ve tried to ‘bounce back’ tried to shed the ‘baby weight’ tried to ‘cut the cake’. Not anymore.

“I’ve spent too long hating myself, being my own worst enemy. Its time to end this battle between my body and my mind. It’s time to be me.” 

Another mum also criticised the ‘bounce back’ culture new mums face, as she wrote: “Exercise and eat healthy during pregnancy they say.

"That way your body will bounce back. Yeah right!

“First of all, I hate that this is focused towards the way we look. Exercising and being healthy during pregnancy are important for our baby’s and our health. Not just to have a certain body.⠀

“Second, it’s not a guarantee that our bodies won’t be affected.”

Underlining the importance of looking after yourself, she wrote: “I focused so much on my baby that I thought it was selfish/ unnecessary to do something for me.”

While this mum shares powerful snap of herself naked with ‘chin hairs and shaggy eyebrows’ after being told she’d let herself go.

Plus this new mum shares the reality of her post-baby body in step-by-step photos over a month.

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