Nicole Kidman Explains the Symbolism Behind Her Character's 'Iconic' Coats in The Undoing

The Undoing is taking the Internet by storm, and the only thing more thrilling than the whodunnit murder mystery plot is Nicole Kidman’s wardrobe throughout the HBO drama series.

The 53-year-old actress stars as Grace Fraser, a therapist with an affinity for winter coats who becomes entangled in a murder case after the death of her husband’s lover. From classic trenches and capes, to velvet styles and the textured moss green coat that fans can't stop talking about, Grace’s glamorous outerwear collection is the real star of The Undoing.

And we’re not the only ones who think so — according to Kidman herself, the coats represent much more than Grace's New York City posh-meets-Bohemian personal style and are an "iconic" element of the series because they weave a thread through all six episodes.

“I'm in the coat and then the coat became a part of me. That's what a filmmaker does," Kidman told Entertainment Weekly of director Susanne Bier. "They choose visually how to express things, and the coat is iconic. In a way, it is the through-line of the whole series. It protects me but it's also my identity. It's got so many layers to it. It's my barrier and my shield from the world, but it also envelops me. It's interesting how [Susanne] uses that."

Meanwhile, The Undoing costume designer Signe Sejilund explained in an interview with Town & Country that the focus on coats for Kidman's character, specifically, was intentional.

“Grace is different from the other Upper East Side's very rich women in the show," Sejilund said. "She wears autumnal colors. She is more mysterious and not so easy to read as opposed to Sylvia [Steinetz, Grace's lawyer friend played by Lily Rabe]. Sylvia is that perfect image of the Upper East Side. Grace is deeper."

"The gloves and the scarves, that’s what truly complete an outfit. For Grace they are her perfection," Sejilund continued. "She has such good taste, she looks like a woman who grew up surrounded by music and art, as we know from the show she did. But along with this perfectionism, comes this wild hair. She is a complex character, and we put all these elements into her wardrobe."

The HBO hit series is based on the 2014 novel You Should Have Known and also stars actor Hugh Grant as Fraser's husband Jonathan.

The Undoing is streaming on HBO Max.

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