People are just realizing how gross the inside their faucet can get & it may be the reason you have bad skin | The Sun

A GIRL has learned how dirty the inside of the faucet is, and it may be the reason why you're getting bad skin.

The gunk inside of the faucet is leaving people shocked and some people wished they never saw the TikTok video.

Filter baby is a small business that sells attachable filters to sinks to purify the water when cleaning the face.

The TikTok video revealed how much dirt is stuck at the opening of the sink.

One person wrote: "I don’t wanna brush my teeth anymore."

Another person said: "New fear unlocked."

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Another TikTok user, known as domenica.27, was curious to see if this was true.

She posted a TikTok video of her unscrewing the sink faucet.

Turns out, it was just as dirty as Filter Baby claimed it to be, but there are ways to clean it.

Filter Baby suggested to people to buy their filters, which costs $79, but there are easier and more affordable ways to get a cleaner faucet.

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"Vinegar! Cleans basically everything. Anything water touches regularly in your house will look like that without proper cleaning," one person revealed in the comments.

Another person suggested a product that can be easily found on Amazon: "it’s called a faucet aerator and you can find them on amazon…easy replacement"

A pack of four faucet aerators costs only $7.99 on Amazon.

Some people even suggested a Brita filter as an alternative.

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Filter baby argued that no matter how often you change the aerator, the gunk will still come back.

"That's what's coming out from the pipes. Even if you clean the aerator a few weeks later it will look like that again!" The company commented.

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