People are only just realizing plane seats have a built in neck pillow & it’ll make flights so much comfier | The Sun

DO you have a neck pillow that you always forget to bring with you when you're travelling?

A TikToker has revealed how to use your plane seat's built in neck pillow, and people are amazed.

TikTok user Courtney, who runs the account Travelling Around The Globe, shared a useful travelling hack with her followers.

"How old were you when you figured this out?" Courtney asked viewers, as she showed them the hidden neck pillow found in plane seats.

The video shows plane passengers leaning on their hands as they sleep before revealing the hack.

Courtney jokingly puts her finger to her lips before reaching to her head rest and lifting both sides.

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Then, the TikToker demonstrated how to use the sturdy headrest as a make shift neck pillow to sleep on.

"I was today years old," Courtney captioned her video.

Her followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the travel tip.

"I’m going somewhere [soon]. Thanks for the tip, will be using this if the plane has that feature," wrote one viewer.

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Another user said: "Today old!!!! What the heck? I needed to know this two weeks ago."

"No way, I just bought myself a travel pillow," commented a third person.

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