People call us selfish because of our baby’s unique name – they said we’re stupid for picking it too | The Sun

MOST people already start planning their children's names before they've even had them.

It can take years to come up with the perfect moniker for your child – but one couple have been slammed as 'selfish' for their pick.

Unique names have become increasingly popular over the years and people either love them or hate them.

But one person took to Reddit to reveal the weirdest name they've heard and people are claiming the parents are 'stupid' for their choice.

Taking to the Reddit group Name Nerds the person wrote: "I just saw a girl named…

"Italeigh. Yes, like Italy. Discuss amongst yourselves."


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Although it is becoming more common for people to name their children after cities and countries the unique moniker didn't go down well with people in the group.

The name and its spelling created quite a stir, with some people claiming the parents were downright selfish and others suggesting it was a stupid name.

One wrote: "Regardless, I think place names that were never real first names to begin with sound stupid.

"Naming your child India or Malaya or Winona is just as ridiculous as Italeigh… but India is seen as exotic or whatever, so it’s fine, for some reason."

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Another person commented: "It’s going to have to be a no for me. I don’t really mind country names like Malaysia or India that much, but that is ridiculous. I’m not the biggest fan of names that end in "leigh"."

A third agreed: "I despise the “leigh” trend. Italy is fine. I actually like it. But Italeigh is a literal eye roll."

"That reminds me of a girl I knew named Irelynd growing up. She hated her name. These parents are so selfish," a fourth quipped.

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Meanwhile, a fifth claimed: "Poor kid."

Another simply commented: "Ew."

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