People think I’m lying about being midsize until I turn to the side but I don’t care | The Sun

THE only perception of yourself that matters is your own, but that won't stop others from making comparisons or spreading their judgment.

One midsize style queen revealed her disregard for the trollers who claim she's lying about her size.

A body confidence enthusiast isn't letting the haters get her down.

Size 14 TikTok fashion influencer Shelby is on a journey to find what looks and feels good on her body.

But she still receives comments from people who argue that she's lying about her size when they see her from a certain angle.

Shelby posted a video responding to people who claim she isn't mid-size just by looking at her from the front.


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Her caption reads: "When they see my front side and say: 'You're not midsize.'"

Shelby steps forward and to the side.

"When they see my side profile," Shelby says.

In the background, the famous song by Aloe Blacc "The Man," blares: "Yes, I am. Yes, I am. Yes, I am."

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The size 14 creator appears unbothered.

Though Shelby's received offensive comments in the past, her viewers seemed to show nothing but support and understanding.

"The mom pooch mine is so strong! I’m fine forward too but sideway not so much," one relatable viewer said.

Another fan wrote: "Because of you and girls like you I love myself and my body a little bit more every day, thank you!"

One follower disclosed their experience with people making these remarks.

"THIS!! I remember I was once jeans shopping in AE and asked the girl to help me find my size. I told her it and she told me no it’s not, then I turned," they admitted.

Despite the number of people that related to her video, there were still individuals who made rude comments.

"Other way around here," a judgmental viewer said.

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