Pro cleaner reveals how you should REALLY load the dishwasher & it’s blowing people’s minds

A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has revealed how you should really load the dishwasher and you're almost certainly doing it wrong.

Liesl Elizabeth, who runs a cleaning service called Clean-Freak Cleaning Co in Perth, Australia, showed the correct technique to get cutlery sparkling in a new TikTok video.

And the correct technique – which Liesl has only just discovered herself – is blowing people's minds.

The mum-of-three called the clip "on today's episode of learning the obvious" and "I was today years old when…"

Many of us stick our cutlery in the basket at the bottom, but that's NOT the best way.

You should actually stack the knives and forks alongside each other in the top rack.

Commenting on the video, people said: "Is this witchcraft?" and "It did seem like a lot of teeth that I didn't quite understand the purpose for."

One woman wrote: "I legit didn't know this and my father-in-law came over and did this… I was baffled".

While others said: "Oh my god, I feel so dumb".

But some smugly said they were already doing this technique, asking: "People didn't know this?" and "How else would you do it?"

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