Stuck in a style rut? This is how to dress for the not-quite-spring weather

Written by Naomi May

If dressing to suit both the April showers and sporadic speckles of sun is draining your passion for fashion, consider this your bumper guide for how to dress for the truly in-between, not-quite-spring weather.

Now that spring has sort of sprung, may we collectively spare a thought for our cold and tired winter wardrobes.

It’s time to burrow away the fluffy Uggs, Crocs and slippers in which your toes have been ensconced since the sun put its hat away, and consider the ever so slightly warmer temperatures that we’re now basking under (well, almost).

Spring fashion outfits: what to wear for in-between weather

Of course, this being England, slightly warmer temperatures, particularly in the notoriously drizzly month of April, means decidedly indecisive weather that is neither warm nor cold. Which leads to nothing short of chaos each and every time we reach into our wardrobes to get dressed.

The key to dressing for this in-between, not-so-spring-like weather lies in the details, which makes navigating the sartorial minefield an uphill battle. But fear not, for we’ve compiled a bumper guide to the key components of dressing for success in the most temperamental season of all. 

Sweater (vest) weather

Spring fashion outfits: what to wear for in-between weather

The virtues of the humble sweater vest have been extolled at large, but it’s in the transition between seasons that the knit truly comes into its own. Pair over a crisp white shirt for when the skies are drizzly and miserable outside and, should the miraculous happen and the sun make an appearance, simply whip the shirt off and wear the vest for a solo style outing. 

Square shoulders

Spring fashion outfits: what to wear for in-between weather

A boxy blazer ought to be the sartorial mainstay of every working woman’s wardrobe, but if it’s not in yours, then the in-between weather of spring is the perfect time to promote it to centre stage. This is a jacket that neither swaddles nor swamps, but hits the stylistic sweet spot of keeping shivering bodies warm from spring breezes, while detracting from the outfit at hand. Here’s a blazer that looks as effortless draped over shoulders in the sun as it does worn over jumpers in a patch of drizzle. A true transitional staple. 

Nifty knits

Spring fashion outfits: what to wear for in-between weather

Sadly, even though the daffodils are blooming, the promise of warm weather is still merely a nebulous possibility looming in the future. In terms of styling out this undecided wave of weather, employ the use of nifty knits, which are the spring equivalent of winter’s woollen warmers. These are lightweight jumpers, cardigans and shirts that are crafted from the knitted realm’s finest and most breathable fabrics: think cashmeres and cottons. Throw on over a T-shirt and under a blazer and there you have a spring-ready outfit that’s ready for all eventualities. 

Layer up

Spring fashion outfits: what to wear for in-between weather

It’s perhaps needless to say, but when the weather refuses to commit, so too should your style. Instead of risking it in a flimsy T-shirt, embrace layers, which is one of the worst-kept secrets of the Scandi style set. Layers make dressing for the not-so-spring weather a dream; start with a white tank top, add a classic T-shirt, layer on a springtime knit, throw on a gilet just in case and to top it off, finish with a trench coat, a transitional must-have. 

Get en-trench-ed

Spring fashion outfits: what to wear for in-between weather

Keep the April showers at bay with a classic and forever trench coat, the beauty of which lies in its ability to work as something of a style chameleon. Usher a camel-coloured trench – which can be spotted at each and every fashion week – into your wardrobe and just watch as it becomes the hardest-working member of your sartorial line-up. Perfect for drizzly days, basking under sunny rays and keeping spring chills at bay. A real all-rounder. 

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