Taking A Closer Look at RIMOWA's $2,000 USD Aluminum Watch Case

When RIMOWA announced its entry into the watch accessories market, many collectors were flabbergasted at the $2,050 USD price tag of its aluminum watch case. As its first wristwatch accessory, the luggage brand started off strong, directly translating its coveted, well-constructed suitcases into watch storage form. But what do you get for two grand? In our latest Closer Look we examine the premium watch case in question.

The size may put those that are used to a standard roll off as it sits at a sizeable 10.51 W x 4.4 H x 3.35 D in inches while weighing 2.84 pounds. While this may not be the best travel companion due to its robust and rigid construction, there’s no denying that it would be welcomed as the center display piece for any watch enthusiast. The entire aluminum shell features raised parallel grooves that run down the case with the internal housing able to slide from both left-to-right and right-to-left via two guiding rails that “click” into place with spring-loaded ball bearings — the feeling is similar to a magnetic clasp but fear not, there’s no single magnetized
component in this case.

Each of the three micro cloth holders also sees a similar fastening system with aluminum sides that contain two concave slots to accept the raised beads (the spheres are made from a polymer to prevent scratching). Designed in Germany and made in Italy, the case is finished with an accompanying RIMOWA padded top cloth to offer further padding and to prevent movement during transport.

The steep price that this case commands may be a turn off for many, but it is a case to be admired nonetheless. There’s nothing quite like it on the market, especially from an innovative luggage brand that holds such pedigree as RIMOWA. This case would be the ideal storage solution for those that do not mind paying secondary prices for a watch and wish to show off their collection in style.

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