Vanessa Hudgens Celebrates Her Love for Disney with a Minnie Mouse-Themed Photo Shoot

Vanessa Hudgens will be turning 31 soon — but no matter how old she gets, she’ll always be a sucker for Disney.

The actress was recently interviewed by Who What Wear and was featured in a Minnie Mouse-inspired photo shoot, where she got to show off her adoration for the iconic female mouse and the company that helped launch her career.

“I have loved Minnie Mouse for as long as I can remember,” she told the outlet, as she playfully posed in her Minnie-inspired outfit, in honor of the mouse’s 91st birthday. “To me, Minnie is legendary.”

It’s no surprise that Hudgens, 30, is a major fan of Disney, as the company was behind High School Musical, one of the star’s first major roles which skyrocketed her to stardom. But of course, her fandom also applies to Disneyland.

“Disneyland is just the ultimate place of happiness!” she raved to WWW. “Just recently, my sister and I ended up at Minnie Mouse’s house; we felt like we were in a dream.”

“I grew up watching Minnie Mouse and her house on TV, and then to be transported into a world where I feel like I’m in the cartoon — it was just incredible. It’s such a wonderful place where you can completely disconnect from your daily grind, and these characters are always making you laugh and feel good,” she added. “That warm, cozy, fuzzy feeling inside is Disneyland to me in a nutshell.”

Vanessa Hudgens

For her camera-ready look, Hudgens said she wanted to “play into the modern Minnie” by giving her more “layers and complexity,” as well as a “bolder and edgier” look with combat boots and chokers.

The final result featured Hudgens donning a black and white polka-dotted dress, black tights, combat boots, and a black leather hat — attire that is far from what she used to always wear ten years ago.

“I think the message is that women don’t have to be one thing,” said the star. “We’re so multifaceted; the more we embrace our duality, the stronger we are… My style, and the evolution of it, is something that’s fascinating to me.”

“Where I was ten years ago is so different from where I am now,” she continued. “It was a very Bohemian time for me. I would always be in maxi dresses with feather earrings and my long hair. I just felt so feminine and flowy.”

Now, Hudgens said she prefers more clean and classic attire. “I love an iconic look,” she revealed.

Vanessa Hudgens

According to the actress, her ever-changing style is just one of the reasons why people often think she’s younger than she is.

“No one ever gets my age right, I used to want to be older when I was younger,” she admitted to WWW. “Now that I’m 30, if you tell me I look underage, I actually greatly appreciate it.”

“Most people are acquainted with me via High School Musical, so I think in their eyes, I’ll be forever 15,” she added.

And even though she’s frequently associated with one specific role, Hudgens said she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“People 100% still look at me as Gabriella but it’s really sweet that I get to be a part of people’s childhood and take them back to a time for them when things were simpler,” she said. “That’s a beautiful thing. I’ve played so many different kinds of people, I don’t think that you can put me into a box.”

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