We named our baby from Greek mythology – our first choice was Caligula but people say what we picked was worse | The Sun

UNIQUE baby names are on the rise, with parents drawing inspiration from all corners.

Deciding on a greek mythology-inspired name, one more couple has added themselves to the long list of people that get criticized for their baby name choices.

Taking to Reddit, one user shared a post that had been previously written on the platform by a mother looking for baby name advice.

The woman had written that she and her husband originally wanted to name their son "Caligula," after a former Roman empire, but decided against it.

After receiving a bunch of recommendations for alternate name ideas from Reddit users, she and her husband had a conversation and landed on a different name.

She wrote: "Yesterday at 2:44pm my son and first child was born, his name is Aeneas Tomasz."

Redditors took to the comments section of the post to give their two cents on the name, many feeling like it was worse than the pair's original idea, Caligula.

One person felt like it was another instance where there were "so many other ancient Roman/Greek names they could have gone with," but instead, they went with a name that would likely give their kid trouble throughout their life.

Another was completely amused, saying this was the type of thing that "always makes [them] laugh." They wrote: "Yes, this name may have a rich history and have a profound meaning, but it also sounds like anus. So that wins."

A third user suggested other names that they deemed as more fitting for the baby. "The name Jason was right there. Even Apollo would've been better," they wrote.

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"No this is fake. It must be fake. Poor kid," a fourth user sympathized.

"I love how she came in thinking she was gonna really knock our socks off with the name she picked instead of Caligula," another user chimed in.

A final user explained their point of view: "The problem with the name is the kid is going to have to go to school where the kids there will figure out pretty quickly how to get to anus from Aeneas, particularly high school.

"It isn't going to take a genius to drop the second 'e' that makes it three syllables and make it sound like anus."

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