We’re a family of girls and our dad bought us the most bizarre stuff for Christmas, but it just gets progressively worse | The Sun

THERE'S nothing worse than having to act like you love a Christmas gift you, quite frankly, don’t. 

But one daughter decided to be honest about her feelings towards her bizarre presents from her dad – and people are finding it hilarious.

Clare, known online as @clareisswaggu1, regularly shares entertaining videos with her 580 followers. 

In a new reel, the content creator shares her odd gifts – including shampoo for damaged hair and some tins of sweetcorn. 

“Things my dad got us for Christmas but it gets progressively worse. 

“Friends-themed charging cable. 


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“Tupperware. Lidl socks. 

“A remote control. Shoelaces. 

“Vape pens. Vape liquid. 

“Manicure set (from Home Bargains). 

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“Christmas-coloured pasta. Cotton wool (from Savers). 

“Repairing shampoo for ‘damaged hair’ (from Tesco).

“Brussels Spouts jigsaw (from last year). 

“Heinz Ketchup. 


“L plates (I’ve been learning to drive for five years). 

“An Apple Watch charging dock (she doesn’t have an Apple Watch). 

“Green Giant sweetcorn.”

During the one-minute video, the three sisters are seen holding up their interesting gifts, struggling to hide their real feelings.

The girls also found it hilarious that their dad had written where the gifts had come from on the tags. 

Fans loved the present haul, with the video gaining more than 73,000 likes and 748,000 views. 

In the comments, Clare’s followers shared their reactions to the gifts, with one writing: “Your dad is an icon and nothing less.”

Another said: “The charging dock but not the Apple Watch is so funny to me.”

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A third added: “Your dad is the definition of dad jokes!!!”

Someone else shared the strange gifts they’d received in the past: “Last year mine got me 5l of olive oil. The year before it was a very Lage, unscented candle."

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