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PALLET returns are a great way to make money by refurbishing and recycling returned goods and selling them on.

Here's what you need to know.

What is a return pallet?

Return pallets are pallets of returned goods that are sold on at hugely discounted prices by the pallet load – and often unseen.

You can make a lot of money by refurbishing and reselling the used merchandise online.

Sites selling return pallets are typically organised by category, lot size, brands, retailers and location.

From the auction description, you have no idea what’s inside those brown boxes and that’s what makes it fun and exciting.

The price is determined by tallying up the full selling price of all of the items in the pallet but the goods inside can be in any condition. 

Certain parts may be missing, products may be broken. It’s up to you to sort it all out.

If you end up bidding on and winning an auction, you can arrange to have the pallet shipped directly to your warehouse, but it generally makes more economic sense to look for Amazon liquidations in your geographic area.

For Amazon pallets, the company partnered with B-Stock to launch Amazon Liquidation Auctions.

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Where to buy Amazon return pallets

I bought an Argos returns pallet for £112 – I got a pram worth £139 and more

Amazon Liquidation Auctions is the official b2b marketplace where you can buy overstock merchandise directly from Amazon.

In order to bid on an auction, you first have to register with B-Stock and be approved to bid. There is no fee for applying or for being an approved buyer.

Right now, Amazon Liquidation Auctions is only accepting applications from the US and you must have a valid reseller certificate to be eligible.

In the UK, you can register on the Amazon EU Liquidation Auctions marketplace separately.

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Where can I buy return pallets in the UK?

As well as major retailers, many websites sell return pallets in bulk.

  • MartHill International
  • gemwholesale.co.uk
  • wholesaleclearance.co.uk
  • Ebay
  • discounthouse.co.uk
  • williamgeorge.com
  • now-sale.co.uk
  • hopite.co.uk

Can you make money off return pallets?

The more return pallets you are willing to buy, the cheaper the cost of the pallet in most cases.

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While you’re unlikely to know exactly what is inside, the bundle will usually carry an “estimated retail value”.

If they are savvy, buyers can make a lot of money by refurbishing and reselling the used merch online.

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