Woman shares easy way to get McDonald's delivered straight to your door for FREE but she's fuming she's just found out

HAVE you ever wanted a McFlurry delivered straight to your door – but couldn't justify the £3.99 delivery fee?

Well if that sounds like you, this student has found out a way to dodge the flat delivery fee on UberEats and she's fuming that she didn't pick up on it sooner.

A TikTok user, who goes by on @ch1cccorita, revealed that if you order your McDonald's off Just Eat you can get free delivery if its under £5.

"So no one was going to tell me mcdonald's delivery is free on just eat?" she wrote across the re-shared video.

"I've been paying £3.99 for delivery on ubereats like a d**khead" (sic).

In the clip, which originally came from a now defunct account @j.wrix, the student first showed her local McDonald's menu on the online food order and delivery service.

She then clicked onto the delivery charge information, which ranged from £0 to £3.49.

After the information popped up, the TikToker learned that if your order is under £5 you can nab it for free, while if your order is over £5 you'll have to pay a £3.49 delivery fee.

The mind-blowing delivery hack, which will only work if your local McDonald's is on Just Eat, has been viewed nearly 840,000 times and has amassed just over 1300 comments.

One delighted follower penned: "Omg thank you so much"."Omgg tyyy" another wrote.

A third wrote: "Yes sir, it is so funny I have two McDonalds near me and one is 5 mins away the other is 10mins away – the one 5mins away is charging £3.99 delivery" (sic).

"3.99 that can buy you the box of nuggets," another said of the saving.

Despite followers' excitement, one TikTok user claimed their order never showed up after using the hack.

They commented: "I waited 4 hours for McDonald's from just eat the other week. The delivery charge on Uber eats is worth it" (sic).

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