Woman shows how to vacuum up crumbs in tricky places if you don’t have a nozzle attachment & you just need a bottle lid

DON’T have a vacuum that comes with a nozzle attachment for picking up hard-to-reach crumbs?

Panic not, as a savvy homeowner has revealed their incredible hack for getting round the issue. 

Taking to TikTok, user TheCrafty.Video showed how they simply added a sauce bottle lid to the top of their vacuum. 

Removing the lid from a clean squeezy sauce bottle, they fixed it over the end of the vacuum cleaner. 

This gave them a precise way to pick up crumbs that had fallen in tricky places. 

They added the caption to the video: “Cleaning life hack.”

Although many people just said they would buy a new vacuum cleaner, some were impressed with the home hack. 

One wrote: “Tbh this is a life saver thx.”

Another added: “Great idea.”

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