Woman suffers embarrassing fake tan blunder then shares easy lemon juice hack which instantly fixes it

WITH summer just around the corner, we can guarantee that people will be upping their fake tan game in order to achieve that perfect golden glow.

Tanning blunders happen to the best of us, including one woman from the US who was left with a tan-less black and a huge white block across her forehead following an embarrassing spray tan gone wrong.

TikTok user Brooke Jordan (@ranch_rumors) booked herself in for a spray tan only to get there and find out she had checked herself into a machine-operated booth, rather than a beautician spraying her.

Cue her very own Ross Gellar moment from Friends, as she didn't switch positions in time for the auto spray, so she ended up with no colour on her back.

When the tan finally settled, Brooke was left with a harsh line across her forehead and turned to advice from other TikTok users, with one recommending a quick and easy tan-fixing hack using a lemon.

They told her: 'A little bit of lemon juice will fade that hard line. Just dampen a washcloth with the juice and gently go over the line."

Giving it a go, Brooke started with the lemon juice and washcloth going over the edge of the tan line on her head, as she joked: "I'll try anything at this point."

Lemon juice is known for tackling tanning disasters as it acts as a natural bleach that can help to remove dark pigmentation on the skin.

Tanning expert James Read suggests squeezing lemon juice onto a mitt or cloth with water and then microwaving for two minutes, as the warmth can actually help to activate "alpha hydroxy acids" in self-tan which helps it to fade.

She then ditched the cloth for the lemon and began working it into her forehead, with the lines slowly but surely starting to fade on one side of her face as the juice kicked in.

One section was much harsher than the other and in need of plenty more scrubbing in order for it to die down, but pleased that the trick was working, Brooke showed off her results and said: "Maybe it faded a little!"

Her followers were impressed with the results, with one person commenting: "That helped!"

Others suggested adding salt or sugar onto the lemon to create a natural exfoliator, while others stressed that it was important for Brooke to then cover her face with suncream as the acid from the lemon can cause the skin to burn more easily.

"Don't get in the sun with lemon or lime juice on exposed skin. It'll give you the worst sunburn," they posted.

One more suggested baking soda as a quick fix: "Exfoliate gently with soap (any) and a little baking soda. I am queen [of] fake tan fails!!!"

Offering an even speedier solution, one person joked: "Just wear a hat the whole time till it's gone."

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