World's biggest cheapskates reveal their best date night tips – including grabbing flowers from the funeral home

CHEAPSKATES have revealed how to have date nights without spending a fortune – but are their tips a step too far?

Money-savers from the TLC show So Freakin Cheap shared their top frugal date night hacks, including one person who takes flowers from funeral homes.

Free flowers from a funeral

In a video, penny-pinching Becky, 41, said: “Part of being frugal is being creative.

“I’m here at the funeral home to get free flowers. These are going to be thrown away in the trash.”

She shared how you can often pick up an arrangement worth up to £57 without spending a penny.


Set pulses racing at home

Meanwhile Ashley, 27, said she “loves a good hunt for a bargain”, and revealed she had planned a raunchy but inexpensive date for partner Colby.

She explained: “Watermelon is a natural male enhancer, and I didn’t want to pay for the real deal, so I have a watermelon cocktail. I really hope it pays off.”

Her lingerie set her back just 36p, the aphrodisiac drinks were 76p each and the strawberries cost the most at £2.16.

In total, the date cost just £3.96 and Ashley proudly said: “We only spent a couple of dollars when we could have spent a couple of hundred.”

Always get a doggy bag

Finally, Elizabeth, 26, said she “loves free food” so enjoys guys taking her out for meals and picking up the bill at the end.

Sometimes she even goes a step further and will get a man to buy extra food for her to take away with her. 

The cheapskate explained: “Jake already offered to pay anyway. 

“Maybe I’m not going to get a boyfriend but at least I could grab an Eggs Benedict if anything, why not?”

The three bargain-hunting women appeared on the TV show So Freakin Cheap, which follows families going extraordinary lengths to save money, whether it is getting freebies from bins or painting homes using free paint samples.

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