You've been pulling your Christmas crackers all wrong…here's how to win every time

SITTING down to Christmas dinner is the highlight of the day for some of us, but the meal is not complete without, crackers.

The Christmas Day lunch needs a good ol' cracker battle at some point during the annual feast, but do you prefer to win the prize or lose graciously?

Follow these simple tips to be the cracker master this year and win every cracker challenge.

Defence technology experts QinetiQ have found the perfect technique to win the Christmas cracker pull every time.

As 44% of Brits have started a row with another person due to poor etiquette at the dinner table, we've also sought the advice ofetiquette expert, Liz Brewer.



Hold your end of the cracker lower than the other person's, so it is tilting downwards towards you.

To prevent the cracker tearing, you should also use a firm, two-handed grip.

Make sure your arm is lower than the other person's and the cracker is tilting towards you.

When it comes time for the action to begin, apply a slow, steady pull rather than a hard yank, which would compromise your end of the cracker.

Avoid twisting the cracker, as this adds further stress.

You must also avoid twisting your arm as this will: “Add stress to the cracker wrapping," as well.

It’s also important to remember not to pull too aggressively.

Instead, the experts say you should: “Apply a slow, steady pull, rather than a swift tug, which will only compromise the integrity of your section of the cracker."

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Knowing when to begin the cracker wars is also a common issue as we all know how tempting oven-fresh roast potatoes can be.

An expert on social behaviour and etiquette, Liz Brewer, said that crackers should be opened at the end of the main course before the Christmas pudding, or at the end of the meal.

She added that it's frowned on to lean over other guests when participating in a cracker pull, and all diners should ensure neither the cracker or its contents go in the food.

"You mustn’t be sad should you not win the prize within the cracker," she said.

"Always congratulate the victor and never ever request to keep their toy, especially if it’s a child.

"Do not wear your paper crown once you’ve left the table; it is very gauche to do so.

"Do not be too aggressive when pulling your cracker as this can be dangerous, especially when your competitor is an older family member."

“You must always open your cracker at the end of your main course, before the Christmas pudding or at the end of your meal.”

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