14 best beds for dogs and cats 2021

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As much as we adore curling up with our furry friends, eventually, the fur, scratch marks, and odour start to take their toll on the furniture. 

In order to still enjoy quality time with your pet in the lounge or bedroom without them relaxing directly on your bed or the sofa, you could buy them their very own bed that’s so comfortable they won’t even want to sit on the furniture anymore. 

Pet beds come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s one suited for every kind of dog or cat out there. For 14 of the best pet beds in the UK for 2021, keep scrolling. 

Best dog bed for golden retrievers

AcornPets® B-103 Extra Large XXL Brown Dog Cat Bed

Finding dog beds that can accommodate larger dog breeds is tricky, but this extra-large, extra thick dog bed will make sure your big dog is as comfortable as can be and is perfect for golden retrievers. 

The golden brown shade of the bed will help ensure your Golden feels right at home on the fleece bed. Golden retrievers are notorious shedders, so the upper side of the bed has been made from a material that’s easy to clean with a brush. 

Buy: Amazon (£39.99)

Best modern dog bed

Moby Pet Sofa

A couch fit for a king or queen, this large, nordic-themed dog bed lets your pet lounge in style.

You don’t have to sacrifice your painstakingly designed modern interior style just for a dog bed that’s an eyesore. 

This pink velvet and copper dog lounge keeps your pet comfortable while maintaining the style of your home. 

Buy: MADE (£179)

Best dog bed for labrador 

Wiliharui Warm and Fluffy Dog Bed

Available in multiple sizes, to make sure this one is the ideal size for your Labrador you should buy one in XXL or XXXL depending on the size of your dog. 

The comfortable doughnut shape adds support around the edges for the head and neck, which helps your dog drift off into a deep and comfortable sleep. 

If your Labrador has come in after playing in the dirt and headed straight for a lay down on their bed, worry not – the fluffy bed is completely machine washable. 

Buy: Amazon (£37.98)

Best dog bed for chewers

BEDSURE Waterproof Dog Bed

Some dogs, although they love their bed, simply can’t resist the urge to chew it to pieces – which results in a lounge room covered with fluff and fabric. 

This washable dog mattress from Bedsure has been made from sturdy material that is both chew and water-resistant, making it a far less appealing chew toy for your furry friend. 

Buy: Amazon (£26.99)

Best dog bed for large dogs


When you’re shopping for dog beds it can be hard to tell if it’s big enough for your big dog to lay on it comfortably. 

This extra-large basket from Fristone is made from fleece and suede material so that it’s comfortable for your dog, and has enough space for most large dog breeds. 

Buy: Amazon (£38.99)

Best dog bed for medium dogs 

Docatgo Dog Bed

Big enough for them to stretch out but not so big that it’s not cosy, this pet bed is the perfect size for a medium-sized dog. 

The innovative two side design means one side will keep your pet cool during winter and the other side will keep them warm during summer. 

Buy: Amazon (£29.99)

Best dog beds for small dog


Ideal for smaller dogs and cats, this soft bed is self-heating so they’ll always be warm and cosy.

The superior body support in this bed helps to reduce anxiety and discomfort in your pets, which can help to stop them pacing during the night.

Buy: Amazon (£39.99)

Best dog bed for the car 

GoFirst Dog Car Seat

Keep your dog both comfortable and safe during road trips with the GoFirst car seat for dogs. 

The plush PP fiber will keep your dog comfortable, and the adjustable seat belt will fix the pet seat to the car and prevent the dog from moving while you’re driving. 

Buy: Amazon (£32.99)

Best memory foam dog bed 

The Dog’s Bed

Dogs deserve supportive bedding too, and this memory foam mattress will provide comfort and relief for dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis, and joint conditions, as well as prevent these kinds of conditions from developing in the future. 

Buy: Amazon (£99.99)

Best sofa for dogs

Kolton Pet Sofa

The simple, understated style of this quilted dog bed means it will fit with nearly any home decor style, and provide premium comfort for your small to medium-sized pet.

Buy: MADE (£79)

Best cat beds for older cats

Mora Pets Store Self Heating Cat Bed

All cats, but especially older cats, love nothing more than curling up on a warm surface and taking a nap. 

This innovating self-heating pet blanket will keep them warm and cosy, while also alleviating the arthritis pain and joint discomfort older cats often suffer from. 

Buy: Amazon (£21.99)

Best calming cat bed 

Pet Magasin Self Warming Cat Cave

After a year of having you around almost around the clock, seeing a return to normal life might make your cat a bit anxious. 

This warm, cosy, and luxuriously soft cat bed will give them a place to self soothe while you’re out for the day, helping them stay relaxed and calm. 

Buy: Amazon (£17.88)

Best cat beds for hiding

BEDSURE Cat Cave Bed Igloo

Cats love hiding. They are private, cautious creatures that like to be able to see what’s going on without necessarily being seen. 

This Igloo could be their cosy kingdom, giving them a place to hide out that you know is safe and comfortable. 

Buy: Amazon (£19.99)

Best luxury cat beds 

Lulou Luxury Foldable Cat House

If your cat is a bit of a princess that only wants the best, this bed should be up to scratch. 

Coming with a house for them to hide or, or a plush mat on the top for them to sleep on when they’re feeling more social, as well as a mouse toy to play with when they’re feeling frisky. 

Buy: Amazon (£28.95)

Best cat beds for kittens 

BEDSURE Donut Cat Bed

Kittens don’t need much: Just a warm, cosy, soft space they can call their own while they’re adjusting to their new surroundings. 

This round and fluffy bed has been designed to be just that, and should helps to soothe them to sleep, resulting in better moods and health. 

Buy: Amazon (£13.59)

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